Co-ownership Investment Plan

We are currently offering 6.25% stake (ownership interest) in a 3 Bedroom Bungalow in Premiere Court, Arepo at an initial price of N1,080,000, payable over 48 months (i.e. N22,500 monthly instalment over 48 months).

This offer is targeted at individuals hoping to build a diversified and profitable real estate investment portfolio. It guarantees rental income and capital appreciation for investors.

Our Co-ownership investment plan is a tool that helps individuals with low/limited investable funds pool resources together to buy properties in mid to high-end property markets that none of them would have been able to buy single handedly.

The Co-ownership investment plan also helps investors build profitable and diversified real estate portfolio across various markets or locations.

Unlike other forms of real estate investment, Co-ownership investment generates immediate, constant and predictable cash flow for investors.

Whether you're seeking profitable property investment or simply hoping to build sustainable real estate portfolio, our innovative & affordable co- ownership investment can help achieve your goals!


What is Co-ownership investment plan?

Co-ownership investment plan is a tool that helps individuals pool resources together to buy properties that none of them would have been able to buy single-handedly

What is the benefit of co-ownership investment plan?

Our co-ownership investment plan helps individuals with low investable funds play in mid to high-end property markets that would, ordinarily, be beyond their reach.

It can also help an investor build a diversified real estate portfolio by spreading investment across different markets / locations.

How does Co-ownership investment work?

For example, ownership interest of a co-owned 3-bedroom bungalow in Premiere Court, Arepo is made up of 16 slots or units of 6.25% each. An investor can buy a slot/unit or more.

How much does a slot or unit cost?

The cost of unit or slot of a co-owned 3 bedroom bungalow in Premiere Court, Arepo is N1,080,000, payable over 48 months (i.e. N22,500 monthly instalment)

How does a co-owned property generate income for investors?

The houses / apartments are put up for lease or short-let

How does an investor make money?

Investors make money in 2 (two) ways:
1. Rental income paid out quarterly or annually for as long as they hold their interest.
2. Sale of their interest at cost+profit whenever they choose to sell off their investment.

When will an investor start earning income on their investment?

An investor will start earning income on his / her investment upon full payment for purchased slot / unit. Profits are shared among investors for life.

What is the rate of return (ROI) on investment?

Projected ROI from rental income is 7% - 9% per annum while projected capital appreciation on developed property over 3-4 years is 35% - 60%.

Who manages investors’ funds?

Tailorbricks Limited manages invested funds.

How will an investor get paid?

Investors’ share of profit will be paid directly into their bank accounts.

What documents are issued to investors?

Investors are issued Contract of Sale and Joint Venture Agreement.

Can I sell my stake?

Yes, an investor can sell off his or her stake at a profit whenever they choose to.

Must the entire property be sold for me to sell my stake?

No, the entire property does not have to be sold for any investor to sell off their stake. An investor will only have to sell his / her stake in a regular property market.

Where and how can I sell my stake?

An investor can put up his / her stake for sale like any real property in regular open property market.

Can I notify the property manager when I sell my stake?

Yes, an investor will be required to notify the property manager (i.e. Tailorbricks Limited) about the sale.

Can I sell / transfer my stake / ownership before full payment?

No, an investor can only sell or transfer his / her stake after full payment.

Do I need to know other co-owners?

No, an investor does not need to know other co-owners.

How do I get started?

The first step for an interested investor is completion of subscription form. Other documentation will follow.

Can I transfer or bequeath my investment/ownership interest?

Yes, investors can transfer or bequeath their investment/ownership interest like any other property to a third party either by sale or a Will.

How can I contact Tailorbricks?

Interested investors can contact us through various media. Please click or copy url